FAQ - Aveprize.com

  1. How to get AP Points?

AP Points can be acquired in X different ways:

  • Log in daily and get your points by completing DAILY QUIZ in Quizzes page.
  • Invite your friends through Reerrals tab
  • Complete social Tasks in Tasks tab
  • Try your luck in Ave Prize roulette in Roulette tab 
  1. The prize can not be ordered because it is unavailable. Why?
  • Prizes are available during restocks (big, mini or fast). Big Restocks are usually once in about 40 days. The dates of restocks will be announced on our official fanpage as well as in the news on Aveprize.com.


  1. How many people do I have to invite to receive the PREMIUM rank and to acquire 2 times more AP Points?
  • 30 people – each of that 30 invited users need to collect 200 AP.


  1. Does Aveprize ship prizes to any country in the world?
  • Yes, it does. 


  1. Restock - what is it?
  2. Banned accounts – why my account is banned?
  • It's the moment when the prizes are available to be exchanged for points. Remember that the amount of prizes is limited.
  • Aveprize users can’t be banned without any reason. Most of bans come from multiple accounts (one user can create only one account), fake refs, breaking cheats.
  1. Prizes – how long?

  • Usually Aveprize send prizes at the end of next month after restock, so if restock was on 15 january, prizes will be send around 25-30 february etc.



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